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Time was, if a cola company wanted to redesign their bottle, a product designer would draw up a couple of options in 2d and then have them prototyped in 3d before folks sitting in a conference room would cast their votes on it, and that was that.

But what we do with design thinking, is we consider how the bottle will be held, stacked, transported, displayed, refrigerated and recycled, before we even think of drawing a line. For us, an organization’s supply chain, R&D, sales, etc. are not separate, disconnected silos. In a multi-disciplinary approach, we evaluate the entire eco-system. And that’s what gives us the ability to bring cultural insight to the edge of science.


Businesses that are not always on the innovation ball, always pay the price. In the old days, the price was paid in the form of missed opportunities. But of late, the lack of innovation is the leading cause of organizations dying.

This is because, category after industry category, is disrupting the market through new inventive forms of product, delivery, payment, and engagement with consumers. To stay relevant in such an environment of customer-centric marketing, it’s become all the more important to transform.

Our idea of transforming a business is not just a logo change or an exercise in advertising communication. We work on internal culture, key signifiers of which are, what a company celebrates, what it rewards, what it punishes, and what it does not tolerate. These are studied, so we can create new systems, principles, and rituals of people planning.


The human mind processes a logo far more elaborately than a supermarket scanner reads a barcode. Whenever the mind sees the logo, it triggers a lifetime of memories associated with the brand. Which why consistency is crucial when it comes to the logo and every other touchpoint of the brand.

Consistency for the brand is not just a color, but a feeling. Every time one sees a brand or its product, one must feel uplifted. This involves not just designing a logo but creating a system of delight and persuasion that’s hard to ignore. It’s how we rejuvenate a brand, energize its touchpoints, and set the tone and tenor for how it behaves.

Demystifying design and making it measurable, bridging responses between the left and right brain. We don’t just design for behaviour, we design behavior.


We had to create a new benchmark of the customer’s experience journey. The answer that we sought, we found in a ‘last inch cleaning’ promise that power-cleaned beyond the nooks and crannies of living areas, to even include often neglected places, like under the drain and on the lofts.

Add to that, variables in people’s behavior patterns, like during weddings, Pujas, ailments, or bereavement in the family, and we recognized more opportunities to create a new internal culture at Eureka Forbes through the last inch cleaning service. The key to which lay in being sensitive to the nuanced behavior of the consumer at different places and different times.


Our multi-disciplinary approach to brand situations allows us to find digital solutions that combine technology with culture studies, data with design-thinking, software with business transformation, not to mention, human beings with design.

The whole focus of our digital expertise is to create an engaging enough experience that’d make a consumer want to stick around. Because only when a brand starts to shape such new behavior, does it begin to change the world order of brands.

It’s how you ignite innovation, create delight, multiply platforms, grow operations, transform brands and enlist real fans.


If people could always decode their own behaviour, then psychiatrists and pyschologists would have been out of their jobs. And much like a good mental health professional, a successful brand must nudge their consumers to go to their sub-conscious mind.

Using semiotics and ethnography, we study cultures to get a better understanding of the residual, dominant and emerging behavioural trends in society. But these are things that keep evolving, and it’s no wonder that market research, which is largely static, struggles to keep pace with the thousands of data points, mapping the journeys in popular culture.


If a packaging design could talk to you and tell you what it contains; wouldn’t that be great? And, just like any TV commercial, if it could tell you about all it’s USPs– wouldn’t that help outsell the competition?

Using semiotics and culture mapping, we create packaging design that understands the products target audience better and also their purchasing behaviour. We also understand the general trade functioning to help create static packaging design that speaks volumes.

Look at the marketplace and see how precious shelf space has become. Notice the war each product needs to wage to grab eyeballs and retain favourable recall. Realise how difficult it is to sell oneself sitting alone on a shelf. It is now a battle for relevance and survival in the consumers mind and the shopping cart. And, at DY WORKS, it is our job to now create packaging design that is not only good looking, but one that actually shapes the Brands future.

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