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GetNatty was started with a vision to promote designer fashion unlike ever before. The idea is to make the lives of designers easy by giving them all the necessary tools and infrastructure to build their entrepreneurial dreams.

GetNatty provides an online as well as an offline platform for designers to showcase their creativity and find their target audience. Over the last 18 months, Getnatty has received registration from over 800+ designers from 10+ cities of India and have been showcasing amazing designer collections through their portal.


GetNatty is a pretty new company in the fashion domain.

As an aggregator, they needed traction on their platform and an emotional connection with the audience.

There were many ways to do that but we helped them realize the importance of artisans and the craft industry and their impact on our economy.

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India has lost about 2 MILLION artisans over the last 30 years due to low
wages, insufficient livelihood opportunities,
and substandard working conditions.

So we decided to initiate a nationwide social movement that is targeted to spread awareness about the importance of artisans and craft sector in our country, and to create livelihood opportunities for them.

Through this movement, we aim to not only bring awareness and celebrate Ajrakh, which is a 5000 year-old ancient craft practiced by the Khatri community in Kutch region, but also to create work opportunities for these craftsmen who solely rely on this traditional art form to generate income and feed their families.


 46k $ PR Media earned                                                                                                                                           Customer retention increased by 57%                                                                                                                   93k video views in % days




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